CIA - Certified Investment Analyst

The Certified Investment Analyst (CIA) certification is ideal for those who wish to undertake research to provide information and investment ideas to fund managers. The information that analysts provide enables fund managers to make decisions relating to the investment portfolios they manage. Some analysts work for investment management companies, providing information to in-house fund managers; others work for stockbrokers and investment banks, where their research assists their employer's clients, usually fund managers/hedge funds.

AFMA Certification can be obtained either by Direct Application (for those with experience and/or qualifications in the area); or by undertaking an AFMA approved Training Program.

Direct Application: Those applying direct for the CIA certification will need to demonstrate advanced knowledge and experience in (1) analysing financial information relating to specific companies, e.g. company results, profit and loss and cash flow statements; (2) regular communication with the management of the companies and their investor relations team, usually over the telephone but sometimes at their premises, e.g. at company result meetings; and (3)considering how the economic implications of factors such as natural disasters, weather, wars, etc. might affect the performance of companies and funds.

Training: For those wishing to undertake training to obtain certification, this course trains individuals to (1) monitor the financial news using specialist media sources; (2) write research reports and investment ideas to be sent to clients; (3) ensure that they meet the numerous compliance regulations; (4) maintain regular communication with clients by telephone, email and in person, including updating fund managers/hedge funds on investment ideas and summaries of research; (5) make presentations and recommendations as to which funds should be included in fund managers' portfolios.; and (6) keep up to date with market developments, new investment products and all other areas that can affect the markets, e.g. movements in the economies of relevant countries.

The Certified Investment Analyst -(CIA)tm Board Certification is awarded to individuals who have met our  Requirements:

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