CGA - Certified General Administrator

The Certified General Administrator (CGA) certification is ideal for those who wish to undertake a range of functions to make sure the administration activities within an organisation run smoothly. They may be responsible for the management of human resources, budgets, accommodation and property facilities and records. These functions can be performed at various levels ranging from junior through to upper management. CGAs are trained to administer general office systems and procedures. Office administrators may work for one person or a group of people. In some areas of employment, long hours of work and/or travel may be required. Personal Requirements include: (1) ability to supervise: (2) good oral and written communication skills; (3) aptitude for working with computers; and (4) good organisation skills.

AFMA Certification can be obtained either by Direct Application (for those with experience and/or qualifications in the area); or by undertaking an AFMA approved Training Program. 

Direct Application: Those applying direct for the CGA certification will need to demonstrate advanced knowledge and experience in: (1) maintaining management information systems (manual or computerised); (2) locating suitable business premises and negotiating reasonable leasing agreements; (3) providing and maintaining business premises and other facilities including plant machinery and equipment; (4) reviewing and answering correspondence; and (5) providing company secretarial or executive services for committees.

Training: For those wishing to undertake training to obtain certification, this course trains individuals to perform the following tasks: (1) supervise and coordinate activities of staff; (2) interview job applicants; (3) conduct orientation programmes for new employees; (4) administer salaries and work out leave entitlements; (5) be involved in staff training and development, (6) prepare of job descriptions, (7) undertake staff assessments and promotions; (8) prepare annual estimates of expenditure, (9) maintain budgetary and inventory controls; and (10) make recommendations to management.

The Certified General Administrator – CGA Board Certification is awarded to individuals who have met our Requirements :


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