CEM - Certified Executive Manager

The Certified Executive Manager (CEM) certification is ideal for those who require insight into a fully integrated strategic management framework. The course provides insights into striking a balance between formal deliberate strategies (the strategic plan) and informal, emerging strategies. The CEM professional qualification addresses strategy as a system with a focus on strategy as practice at the coal face; and includes an appreciation of organisational purpose; insight into the use, application, impact and benefit of the strategic architecture, and hands on experience in environmental scanning, futures thinking and development of scenario analysis.

The CEM course will appeal to individuals seeking a full insight into contemporary strategy theory and practice, which includes marketing, finance and cost management strategies. The course content provides a deeper insight into more complex areas of strategy and the ‘people’ aspects of strategic management including organisational leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

AFMA Certification can be obtained either by Direct Application (for those with experience and/or qualifications in the area); or by undertaking an AFMA approved Training Program. 

Direct Application: Those applying direct for the CEM certification will need to demonstrate advanced knowledge and experience in: (1) understanding of the fundamental principles of general management; financial management; risk management; and marketing (2) analyzing financial statements; (3) undertaking budgeting and forecasting; (4) understating of cost behavior and cost allocation procedures; (5) evaluating the competitive environment; (6) understanding performance appraisal systems and employee motivation; (7) understanding the usefulness of strategic marketing tools; and (8) formulating and evaluation KPIs and applying the Balanced Scorecard.

Training: For those wishing to undertake training to obtain certification, this course trains individuals to gain an understanding of the following areas: Management and Financial Management for Non-Accountants (i.e. fundamentals of strategic management, financial management, risk management and cost management; analysis of financial statements and accounting ratios; formulation of budgets and forecasts; and the application of basic strategic tools); (2) Accounting for Managers (i.e. the advanced analysis of financial statements and accounting ratios; budgets and the budgetary control process; cost classification, cost behavior and cost allocation procedures; and cost-volume-profit analysis); (3) Strategic Management and Planning (i.e. the strategic planning process; vision and mission statements; evaluating the current situation and the competitive environment; strategic analysis tools; and corporate strategy and the strategy implementation process); (4) Budgets and Budgetary Control Processes (i.e. advanced budgeting and budgetary control processes; corporate objectives; employee performance and motivation; and budgeting  and communication); (5)  Strategic Analysis and  Choice (i.e. formulating organizational vision and mission statements; leading evaluations of the current situations; SWOT and PEST analysis; strategic alternatives; road maps to successful strategy selection and strategy implementation and the monitoring and review of strategy; (6) Performance Measurement and Management Systems (PMMS) (i.e. performance targets action plans; performance appraisal systems; balanced scorecard systems; key performance areas and key performance indicators); (7) Strategic Marketing (i.e. the fundamental principles of strategic marketing; strategic marketing tools; marketing research; the marketing mix; and developing a comprehensive strategic marketing plan).

The Certified Executive Manager – CEM Board Certification is awarded to individuals who have met our Requirements :


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