CMS - Certified Management Strategist

The Certified Management Strategist (CMS) certification is ideal for those who wish to undertake and understand the concept and implementation of strategic management in particular. The area of learning will include the various aspects of leadership role and innovation which is critical in the management of strategies in the context of an organisation. The programme is suitable for those who wanted to pursue in depth understanding of specific tools and techniques in evaluating the current situation, including the assessments of assets, planning and the implementation and building innovative approach to achieving the organisation’s strategic goals.It is therefore essential that any existing or aspiring management strategist understand the nature and purpose of strategic management

AFMA Certification can be obtained either by Direct Application (for those with experience and/or qualifications in the area); or by undertaking an AFMA approved Training Program.


Direct Application: Those applying direct for the CMA certification will need to demonstrate advanced knowledge and experience in (1) Strategic development, establishing direction and scope of the organisation - in determining the purpose of the organisation, establishing objectives and formulating strategies to achieve the objectives; (2) Competitive strategy based upon customer perceptions and consequences of firms pursuing different competitive strategies (3)  how to the achieve of superior performance by identifying and developing those firm’s resources providing a basis for competitive advantage (4) Familiarwith the notion of strategy innovation; (5) Familiarity in change management process to ensure the mitigation of potential failures in the management of strategies.


Training: For those wishing to undertake training to obtain certification, this course trains individuals to: 1) Understand strategic management as to how an organisation’s internal resources and capabilities can be developed to meet the changing demands of customers, in such a way as to achieve the expectations and objectives of its stakeholders.

; 2) How achieve sustainable advantage as the key challenge facing any business unit; 3) Understanding how firms can outperform their competitors and hence gain sustainable competitive advantage; 4) discuss why firms need strategy innovation and  techniques that can aid the development of innovative strategies; 5) How to create a strategic change.


The Certified Management Strategist (CMS)TM Board Certification is awarded to individuals who have met our  Requirements:

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