aescalogoAFMA is accredited by the Australian Education Credentials Standards Agency (AECSA)

AECSA is a non-profit organisation set up to investigate and categorise the educational standards of universities and professional organisations around the world. Over the years it has investigated over 1,000 universities and professional bodies, and list all who meet its high certification standards as "approved" organisations. AECSA also lists universities and professional bodies that are of a dubious nature under headings such as "degree mills" and "non-traditional" institutions on its website, . AECSA also undertakes the ranking of universities and professional bodies by specialisation, either by itself or via the rankings published by leading educational establishments, newspapers and professional journals.

AFMA's accreditation by AECSA indicated that the professional education, hard work and experience of its Certified Members is recognised by an Independent and Global Body auditing educational standards in over 100 Countries.




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